Our Games

Drive me Bananas

Drive Me Bananas, an amazing endless driver game, where monkeys drive a very special taxi through a crazy city.

Help the monkeys go from midtown, down the subway and by the beach part of the city and morph the taxi to go through the traffic and Fly over the roads, dare your friends to compete to get the higher score in one race, beat all your friends in the global ranking, use the special taxi gadgets to avoid crashing.

Enjoy the most unique and fun driver experience in the App Store and Google Play. With HD quality 3D graphics Drive me Bananas all take you through an amazing crazy city.

Rocko Jumper

Help cute little Rocko reach the sky by safely taking him through the grass platforms. Every time you play reach higher and higher.

You can do it using your Actv5 control and exercise at the same time or by using you finger an tapping on the screen.

Have fun helping Rocko.

Master Soccer

Lead The Way

Mid-core Adventure/puzzle F2P mobile game, where the player controls an alien by drawing on the screen. The alien has to scape old dungeons full of traps, enemies and puzzles to recover the lost treasures left by his race a long time ago. With high en 3D graphics, mid-core design, lead the way is targeting the high revenue market of mid-core mobile games.

Puzzle Pix

On air time about 8 months, a development time over 6 weeks and user acquisition of 11,000.

Puzzle Pix got to over 40 countries and more than 1,000 images where shared in the game. Puzzle pix will make you think and at the same time have fun.

It is about solving puzzles, you can take your picture with the camera of your mobile device and make it into a puzzle, also you can select some of your Facebook pictures, upload a pic from your computer or use our library full of great pictures.


Doodle Lines

Doña Gloria

On air time about 14 months, a development time over 3 weeks and user acquisition of 175,000.

Doña Gloria The Game is based on a real event in Colombia (it can bee see it on Youtube ), is about an old lady named Doña Gloria, who was recorded on a video in where she seems super afraid of heights and her phobia is expressed through bad words. This game got viral thanks to the Youtube video.

The mechanic of the game is about moving the metro cable hard enough to get the old lady scared, making her say as many bad words as possible in certain time, each bad word will give the player points.

Charlie Chicks

On air time about 1 year, a development over 2 months and user acquisition of 3,200.

Charlie Chicks got to over 30 countries in one month, is a game that will get laughs by recreating those infamous nights out on the town.

The goal is to make Charlie score with the ladies, but in order to do that, the player will have to feed him a few drinks, as these woman ain’t pretty. also, You van make your own social drinks, send them to friends and give them to Charlie.